In A Nut Shell // SMALLTALK is a beautiful website built so that thousands of people can read and share incredible, stories published daily.


Content // stories will be timely, not deadline-driven, with areas of focus on news and information related to organizations, programs, events and people. Content will engage the public with visually striking imagery and captivating headlines that will draw viewers in to read, share and return for more.


Audience // board of directors, high ranking executives, high net worth donors, supporters, staff, volunteers and the community at large.  As they interact with the content, it will be introduced to, seen by, and ultimately interacted with by their networks of friends, family, and co-workers.


Traffic // through the implementation of a strategic marketing plan for each individual piece of content published, website traffic is estimated to grow by 12,000 unique visitors per month.   Visitors are expected to return to the site an average of 2 times per month to read an average of 2 stories each time.   


Sponsorship // the site offers a limited supply of high-octane sponsorship activations rich with the most sought-after marketing methods included in the system. Priced attractively low with no long-term commitments, SMALLTALK will create great demand on a limited supply resulting in a sense of urgency and fear of loss. Sponsors will not be sold to; rather, they will be recruited. Uniqueness, execution, and customer service, coupled with value and limited supply, will breed loyalty and cultivate high retention. Over time, the sponsorship program is designed to reduce the number of sponsors while increasing the rates; ideally working with the least number of the most committed sponsors getting the greatest amount of benefits.


Operation // the company is free from brick and mortar. There are no monthly rental fees, utilities, or salaries to be paid. Instead, SMALLTALK subscribes to virtual work and meeting space tools allowing a core team to work remotely. Our strategic partners, core team, and extended freelancers are all compensated with fixed flat fees tied to publishing or a percentage of gross-or-net profits, and in some cases equity. This model aligns the interests of all those willing to participate in the pursuit of producing the highest quality content while keeping costs low, increasing efficiencies, and the recruitment and retention of content partners, creative freelancers, sponsors, and readers.


Materials // 100% of our content will be original. Yes, it’s bold and more expensive, but it is our key point of differentiation. And, one we strongly believe will be the hallmark of our idea, building the strongest relationship with readers. In order to attract the very best in the professional creative freelance community, we will pay premiums for work with deposits paid in advance, balances paid on the date of publishing, and make promoting their content and professional service a priority. 


Closing // SMALLTALK is simply a free subscription-based, content-publishing website which is forever growing, constantly evolving, perpetually wider reaching, mostly automated, and 100% virtual. Key points of differentiation are the commitment to daily publishing, material sourcing, content development and distribution partnerships through permission-based email and social media channels, and promotion by readership.


The prototype website is available for review.  Click Here