I have long been a one man show.  When clients and sponsors give me the green light to build something for the community I turn to list of trusted business contacts I can count on to help me bring the ideas to life. Without them I would be unable to deliver on the promises made to clients and sponsors. I value these people and companies at the highest degree possible.


I have searched high and low for a great printer. That search led me to Nevada Color. Jay Nickles and Paul DePrat proved to be incredible partners. At every turn they were helpful in finding ways to reduce costs and turnaround times without comprimising quality. Their customer service and willingness to listen and help when and where they could sets them a part in their industry.  If you need a printer who feels like a partner I suggest you call on Nevada Color.
There are few full service agencies who are smiply willing to help. BRAINtrust is one of them. I turned to them for help in producing a monthly publication.  After sitting down with owners Michael Coldwell and Kurt Ouchida I was convinced they understood my project, it's specific needs and that they were willing to climb onboard, roll up there sleeves and help.  They did.  In a big way.  For the first time in more than 3 years I had complete trust in a team of skilled marketing professionals.  I can't say enough good things about these guys.
Here is a man who knows his way around a camera, photo studio and his subjects. He happens to also be one of the most uplifint personalities in Las Vegas. Although his skill and talent with respect to photography is his calling card people who come in contact with him as a client, photo subject or other will all say Jerry is an incredible guy.  And for those who specifically get in front of his camera lense, they will undoubtedly tell you it was one of the most incredible experiences they have had to date.
Sabin is an artist and a professional. He knows how to approach a shoot and he is all business when shooting. His shots grab your eyes, his work is on time or ahead of schedule and he represents you well when he is shooting on your behalf. Sabin is at the top of my list of photographers to turn to when I need exceptional work.
I don't remember who introduced me to Olga but if I did, I would send them a thank you card every holiday season if I did. She is a true professional too. I have hired Olga for fashion food, events and architecture and interior design. Everytime she takes on an assignment she provides a unique perpective and delivers a healthy batch of great photos.
Nightlife and so much more. I have a soft spot for Nils Leufven the owner and Daloof Design Group. Nils is one of those guys you get along with and want to remain friends with for a long time. He has a special outlook on life and work. Though he takes his work seriously he doesn't take himself too seriously. The icing on the cake, he is incredibly fast and his work is beautiful. Nils came to my rescue in a big way in the summer of 2012. And I am thankful he did. If you are looking for a nimble and easygoing deign guy who is fun and flexible reach out to Nils. I trust you will enjoy your relationship with him as much as I did.
Obsessive, cumpulsive and endlessly working on your behalf and in your best interest. Janet is a fantastic writing professional with a can do attitude and one of the highest standards for her work itself, her work ethic and her ability to be a remarkable team player. Janet and I found each other with an online freelancer networking site. She quickly set herself a part from the rest. I handed her one assignment after another. Her work was clean, fast, and redlined so you could see the evolution. Janet developed business marketing materials, wrote original editorial stories and put on the hat as editor-in-cheif when and where she needed to. I am thankful to Janet for her hard work and valuable contribution to each and every project she worked on for me.
Tony is seasoned and unshakeable. He is the kind of writer you can send in to meet wtih the highest profile men and women in your community. From being prepared before the interview to running through the Q & A in the interview itself you can count on Tony to develop a repoir with the subject, get the nuggets of greatness out of every interview and transcribe all of what he gathered into a carefully and immaculately written story. When I have the opportunity to call for a story that involves interviewing the President of the United States Tony would be my first, last and only option.
A dad, a punk rock band member, a writer and a full-time hugger. That's right, if you work with Jarret he is likely to hug you. He did it to me on more than one accocasion and I suspect he will do it again if the opportunity arises. All joking aside, Jarret is a great writer with a great education and published books to back it up. Jarret has been one of the most trusted writers I have been able to turn to with long lead time and short notice assignments. Each and everytime I needed Jarret he was willing to overcome the hurdles necessary to get the work done. He is a pleasure to work with and I sure he is a pretty good musician too.
Ah, Finetti...  I have always wanted to say that.  Marissa is great. She too is a professional ready, willing and able. I have enjoyed working with Marissa on specific peices such as high profile and exclusive philathropic events having to do with fashion, food and people. Marissa understand the assignments, shows up on time and represents you well and more likely than not, she will turn the assignment in ahead of its due date.
Artists making movies for paying clients and then sometimes making them for themselves too. These guys are great. I am not too sure when or where the surfaced but I am glad they did. Since keeping my eye on them I have been growing more fanatical about them each and every time I see new work from them. If you need to document an event, produce a commercial or have some other off-the-wall need or use for a projected rooted in filming and editing you will want to sit with these guys before moving forward on your project. 
Chop, chop, chop! What's next? What's the goal? The ojective? Who is handling what, when, where, why and how? Julie Gilday-Schafer the owner of JGS Group is hands down the professional you want to turn to for big and small events. My experience with her is just how this little blurb began. She asks all the questions she knows answers will be needed for at a later date by someone at sometime. Along the way she is contributing ideas to enhance the event experience, reduce headaches and cause the exection of the event itself to run smoothly. I loved working with JGS Group and I would do it again in a heart beat!

2010 - present

2010 - present