Fail to plan and plan to fail.  
If success is what you seek, time necessary to be successful must be set aside.  
A good plan is nothing with poor execution. Great execution is nothing with poor planning.  
Over the past 15 years I have made it a point to be responsible for the challenges or problems of friends, family, clients, sponsors and nonprofits. For one reason or another, I enjoy problem solving and somewhere deep inside me, I believe science is everywhere and nothing is impossible.
Below you will find an assortment of challenges I met in the past, along with the approach taken to overcome them and the outcome.
The clients - Torino Foundation, United Way of Southern Nevada, H.E.L.P. of Southern Nevada, Salvation Army and Nevada Ballet Theatre are all area not-for-profit organizations. These organizations like others were and are in need of publicizing their cause, nurturing relationships with supporters and promoting key messages to the community. Just as these organizations were in need, I was in need of developing a unique editorial program and consistant source for good content to make managing the ongoing production of a monthly magazine more managable. My solution was to re-shape diamondcake into a custom publication service/model where not-for-profits were recruited as issue collaboration partners. The not-for-profits benefitted from a unique custom publishing service providing them with a platform to have a loud, clear and far reaching voice, a relationship development tool and an opportunity to walk inside the homes of potential high net-worth donors and stay there for an extened period of time.
This service was provided to the nonprofits free of charge.
diamondcake 2.0


2010 - present

2010 - present

The client - Shapiro & Sher Group was interested in finding new ways to connect with their target market while giving back to the community in their own special way. My help was enlisted. I developed a new monthly publication called diamondcake with an editorial program centered on philanthropy spotlighting the good men, women and organzitions in the community. The publication was direct mailed to the highest income, networth and home value residences in the valley.
The diamondcake effort contributed to an 80% growth in production.
diamondcake 1.0


Determined to build another dinner party to raise funds for a good cause led me to this idea. A dinner party with an undisclosed location where diners would dine in the dark. The dinner was held in the homeless feeding room of the Salvation Army in the Hope Corridor of Las Vegas. More than 100 guests attended.
The event raised a net $14,000 which was distributed evenly to Torino Foundation, Nevada Blind Center and United Way of Southern Nevada.
Dinner In The Dark


The client - Torino Foundation needed help raising the funds to cover the cost of one summer camp program designed for the women and children clients of The Shade Tree. My help was enlisted again. After learning the Foundation had 11 Tibetan Buddhist Monks scheduled to visit the ranch for an extened stay over the coming summer months I came up with a plan. The plan was to produce an unusual dinner party. One of the areas newest and most talked about restaurants was bought out for the night. The dinner was hosted by the 11 Tibetan Buddhist Monks. Just over 100 guests attended.
The event raised a net $24,000 for Torino Foundation. 
Dinner With Monks


The  client - O'Reilly Law Group was interested in new publicity tactics which would create a great deal of word of mouth marketing to increase the visibility and awareness of the law firm. My help was enslisted. I offerred to build an annual business mixer and commemortive book featuring local leaders of industry.
The event attendance exceeded 350, was hosted by more than 40 local leaders, promoted The Smith Center of the Performing Arts and raised approximately $15,000 for Nevada Public Radio through ticket sales.
Leaders of Industry


The client - Lexus of Las Vegas was interested in increasing its visibility and awareness within the philanthropy cirlces of the community. My help was enlisted. I proposed creating a series of dinner parties limited to 24 guests personally invited by the benefitting organization. These dinner parties were supported by additional clients, sponsors and contacts within my network to drive the cost to produce the events down to a manageable number which would stretch the clients budget farther. 
In less than 10 weeks I produced 8 intimate dinner parties for 8 different not-for-profit organizations which averaged a net donation of $10,000 for a total of nearly $80,000.
Lexus Dinner Series